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For the third consecutive year, the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce Business & Economic Development Department has joined with the law firm of Walker & Chambers to offer an outstanding lineup of free legal workshops.

"These workshops are important for a number of reasons," notes DBCC President Reginald Gates. "First, because they provide answers to many questions asked by our business members. Second, the workshops are an integral part of our effort to provide technical assistance to our members, not only in the legal arena, but also in accounting, financial planning and financial management, marketing and other operational and administrative areas. And finally, these workshops are important because one of our member businesses identified a need, took the time to develop the workshops, and just walked in and said 'we're ready to go.' That's a powerful statement, and a powerful testament to the role we fill in the business community," said Gates.

Kenneth Walker and Demetri Chambers, principals of Walker & Chambers, have built their practice on a foundation of service to the community. Their expertise in business-related issues led to the decision to provide this valuable service to the business community.

"We found ourselves constantly confronted with the problems faced by our small business clients and noticed a clear pattern in the kinds of legal issues that arose as a result of those problems," said Walker. "It became clear that if these business owners had access to the right information they could have averted these legal challenges. After that it was easy for Demetri and me to condense our experiences into a series of workshops, and our relationship with the DBCC provided a natural outlet for our outreach efforts."

Other workshops in the Walker & Chamber series include "Economic Freedom" (business start-up), "Fighting with the Tax Man and Winning," "Understanding Loan Documents" and "When Enough is Enough---The Time to File Bankruptcy."

For more information about the Walker & Chamber Legal Workshops and other DBCC technical assistance seminars, call Charles O'Neal, DBCC Vice President for Business & Economic Development. Small business owners are invited to attend the DBCC Business & Economic Development Committee meeting each second Tuesday, at 5:30 P.M. at the DBCC.


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