Business Law

Business Law

At Walker & Chambers, we understand that running a successful business comes down to making smart business decisions, and carefully executing action plans related to such decisions.  Whether you operate a small business or a mid-size corporation, Walker & Chambers is a business law firm that can assist you with a wide range of legal issues. We strive to have a long-term trusted relationship with our business clients.

What We Do As Business Lawyers

As a business law firm, Walker & Chambers adds value to our clients’ businesses by assisting them with:

  1. Dispute Resolution (whether by negotiation, litigation, mediation, or arbitration);
  2. Crisis Management (e.g., responding to lawsuits, audits, investigations, demands, and claims);
  3. Risk Management (i.e., identifying, evaluating, eliminating, reducing, and shifting legal and business risks);
  4. Strategic Planning (i.e., identifying and pursuing opportunities and identifying and avoiding threats);
  5. Business Structuring (i.e., setting up corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc; transitioning businesses from one entity type to another; and advising business clients about the pros and cons of one business entity over another);
  6. Business Transactions (i.e., negotiating and drafting contracts, agreements, leases, and various other legal documents); and
  7. Business Succession Planning (i.e., determining the right time and circumstances to pass a business from one generation to another, and drafting the various estate plans, wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and other legal documents to accomplished same).

The Walker & Chambers Business Client

The partners at Walker & Chambers have over 52 combined years of experience representing businesses at all stages of the business life cycle dealing with various types legal issues that a business and/or its owners have encountered.  We have developed a host of best practices, because of our many years of experience, that we continue to use to assist existing clients, colleagues, and the community. Specifically, at Walker & Chambers, we are looking for business clients who want a long-term relationship with attorneys who have the experience, know-how, and discernment to advise, protect, and advocate for the business client whenever such is needed. The best way for a business to look at us is to imagine having its own in-house legal department without the expense, office space requirements, and other requirements commonly associated with such.

At Walker & Chambers, we are proud to support companies at all stages of the business life cycle.  No matter what legal issue your business is facing, we’ll give your situation our full personal attention from one business owner to another business owner at every stage. We can develop a strategy for your unique situation, so call us today.