Employment Law

Employment Law

The employer-employee relationship is similar to the family relationship in a number of ways.  Like the family relationship, when the relationship is going well, good things generally occur.  However, when the relationship has fallen apart, many bad things happen.  Additionally, similar to family law, protracted conflicts between the employees and employers is often not the most pleasant use of either party’s time, energy, and money.  In Texas, there are specific state and federal laws that govern many aspects of the employer/employee relationship.  A good employment attorney for the employer is one who effectively advises employers how to select, train, manage, and keep good employees, and how to cost-effectively avoid and discharge employees who are not a good match for the company.  A good employment lawyer for the employee is one who understands employment law, who understands dynamics of employer/employee relationships, and who has the experience necessary to represent and/or advise the employee in what may look and feel like one of the most difficult episodes of his or her life.

What We Do As Employment Lawyers

Walker & Chambers is experienced at representing business clients in all types of legal matters including legal issues involving employment law.  We are also experienced at representing numerous employees in employment matters.  As such, we have a keen understanding of employment law from both perspectives.  This duel viewpoint gives us an advantage in negotiating and resolving employment legal disputes.   Whether we are representing the employer or the employee, we start each case by (a) first, getting a good understanding of what went wrong, (b) advising our client accordingly and recommending possible solutions to the problem, and (c) looking for ways to resolve the matter through settlement.

At Walker & Chambers, we know that costly litigation is not the best way to resolve an employment dispute for either party; neither is it a good thing for others who are affected by the dispute, i.e., co-workers, company managers, family members, etc. When these types of matters cannot be resolved quickly through settlement, we strive to give our clients the best legal advice how to proceed, and we position the client to put up the best offense or defense when the only feasible choice is to proceed through litigation.

Walker & Chambers can provide representation when facing the following and other types of employment matters:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Overtime and wage disputes
  • Family Medical Leave Act disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Benefits disputes
  • Negligent hiring or retention and workplace violence disputes